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                                      Positive Business Attitude Training Videos Online

                                      Positive Business Attitude Training Videos Online

                                      Short Video Clips on Positive Business Attitude

                                      Your employees' attitude and motivation are a reflection of their self esteem and values. These short employee interpersonal skills training videos support your trainings on self-awareness and the role of positive business attitude in personal and professional success.

                                      Here are some of our videos on positive attitude. Click on the links below to watch the videos and see pricing (Videos can be bought as a bundle or individually):

                                    1. Attitude! Attitude! Attitude!
                                    2. Need Help?  

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                                    3. What is Success? (Deepak Chopra and various entrepreneurs give their definition)

                                    4. Self Awareness and Engagement (The best questions to unearth our hidden motivations)

                                    5. Leadership & rejection (Starbucks' Howard Schultz)

                                    6. Bonus meeting opener/ice-breaker included: Success Is an Attitude! (Videos of Jack Welch, Anita Roddick, Stephen Covey,etc.)

                                    7. Coping with stress and responsible communication (Women Polar explorers)

                                    8. Making a Difference (Finding your passion and contributing it)

                                    9. Employees with a positive business attitude have the interpersonal skills to positively grow a business through increased productivity,team building and customer service.

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