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                                      Customer Service Gone Viral Video/DVD and E-learning Course

                                      Customer Service Gone Viral Video/DVD and E-learning Course
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                                      Product Description

                                      It used to be when someone received bad service, they would tell a few, they tell the world.

                                      With nearly everything we do today having a chance of being recorded, reviewed and then presented to the entire planet, one cannot help but take notice that customers, without question, are making their buying decisions based on what they see online. Customer Service Gone Viral shows how to avoid customer service problems that lead to negative reviews and reactions.

                                      This new wave of customer feedback places service providers in a very vulnerable, but unique position. Customer Service Gone Viral covers the following training points to show how you can do something you about it and utilize this amazing opportunity to provide amazing, unforgettable service to your customers.

                                      Avoid Taking Short Cuts

                                      • Look out for your customer
                                      • Deliver beyond expectations

                                      Give Your Full Attention

                                      • Make every customer feel important
                                      • Resist distractions

                                      Actively Listen

                                      • Rephrase the message
                                      • Listen, understand, confirm

                                      Take Responsibility

                                      • Take ownership of the customer's problem
                                      • Follow through

                                      Deliver Service on Time

                                      • Think like a customer
                                      • Keep customer apprised and updated

                                      Focus on Solutions

                                      • Avoid disagreements and blame
                                      • Give benefit of the doubt

                                      The host of Customer Service Gone Viral will lead viewers through a variety of customer service problems presented through various “viral” mediums, including: viral videos, recorded phone conversations, music videos, rants and blogs. After each problem in the Customer Service Gone Viral training program is presented, it is then immediately followed by a practical, real world solution.

                                      Customer Service Gone Viral not only shows you how to avoid becoming an embarrassing internet sensation, but also demonstrates how to deliver excellent customer service that is sure to result in rave reviews.

                                      Purchase Package Includes:

                                      • 1 Customer Service Gone Viral DVD
                                      • 1 Leader's Guide
                                      • Reproducible Participant Worksheets
                                      • 1 PowerPoint Presentation


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