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                                      Business Training Videos & Leadership DVDs

                                      Leadership Business Training Video DVDs:

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                                    1. The Business of Paradigms Innovation & Change Mangement
                                    2. Key Leadership Skills Video Library: (Includes the Wisdom of Caring Leaders Video Training. Nine videos of great leaders to freshen up or visualize new trainings)
                                    3. Wisdom of Caring Leaders (good for onboarding new leaders)
                                    4. Wisdom of Teams (6 great leaders on building powerful, productive teams)
                                    5. Combo: Wisdom of Caring Leaders & Wisdom of Teams(14% discount when both trainings are purchased at the same time. Makes a great library of great leaders)
                                    6. Marshall Goldsmith Effective Leadership skills DVD(good for senior managers)
                                    7. Management Training Videos/DVDS:

                                    8. It's OK to Be the Boss dispels 7 Management Myths and how to be a good manager
                                    9. The Practical Coach teaches managers how to coach employees.
                                    10. Actions Speak! How to Interview and Hire Well behavioral interviewing skills
                                    11. Success Is an Attitude! (Meeting opener on positive attitude)
                                    12. 1440 Minutes(great for teaching priorities and time management)
                                    13. Leadership Skills of Gregory Goose for newly promoted managers

                                    14. Customer Service and Team Building Video DVDs:

                                    15. How to Connect in Business
                                    16. The Right Words Effective communication in customer service. Gov.,Retail and health care versions
                                    17. We?re in the Band Teamwork and its effect on customer service
                                    18. Give ?Em a Pickle
                                    19. The Practical Coach teaches managers how to effectively coach employees.
                                    20. It's OK to Be the Boss (Customer service issues get resolved through good management.)

                                    21. Diversity and Workplace Harassment Training Video DVDs:

                                    22. Please Respect My Generation Communicating and valuing 5 generations
                                    23. It?s Up to You: Stopping Sexual Harassment Employee Version
                                    24. It?s Up to You: Stopping Sexual Harassment Employee & Manager Versions
                                    25. Diversity Face to Face
                                    26. Harassment Hurts: It?s Personal
                                    27. As Simple as Respect
                                    28. Strength of Diversity Video Library
                                    29. (series of short video clips to insert into trainings on diversity)

                                      Business Training Video Libraries on DVD:

                                      (also available as online leadership videos) Each library is composed of short 2-5 minute videos of great leaders that reinforce a learning theme such as leadership, team building, attitude, change,etc. Trainers use these video libraries to freshen up their existing trainings or to create new trainings and visually reinforce their learning concepts. One library provides enough videos to freshen up your trainings for years:

                                    30. Key Leadership Skills Video Training Library
                                    31. Effective Business Communication Skills Training Video Library
                                    32. Time Management and Stress Management Video Training Library
                                    33. Leadership Change Management Training Video Library
                                    34. Positive Business Attitude Training Video Library
                                    35. (includes Success is an Attitude meeting opener)
                                    36. Team Building Video Library for High Performance Teams
                                    37. Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Video Library


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