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                                      Act with Integrity Business Ethics Video Training DVD

                                      Act with Integrity Business Ethics Video Training DVD
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                                      Product Description

                                      Key Business Ethics Your Employees Will Learn:

                                      • Describe your organization’s values, standards and expectations regarding workplace integrity
                                      • Describe your organization’s policies and procedures for addressing work-related ethics and compliance concerns
                                      • Identify 12 of the most common work-related ethics and compliance concerns
                                      • Use the A.C.T. model to think through an issue and determine the most appropriate choice of action to take in a given situation

                                      The Program Covers these Scenarios:

                                      • Document retention and destruction
                                      • Use of intellectual property
                                      • Confidential information
                                      • Use of electronic/computer technology
                                      • Conflict of interest
                                      • Accepting and giving gifts
                                      • Maintaining quality of products and services
                                      • Providing accurate information
                                      • Dealing with diversity and discrimination
                                      • Gathering competitive information
                                      • Comparing your organization to the competition
                                      • Handling reports of violations
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                                      Discrimination. Theft. Dishonesty. Are your employees prepared to face ethical issues and respond in ways that meet the high standards of your organization and adhere to the letter of the law? They can when they A.C.T.™:
                                      Analyze the situation;
                                      Consider the consequences;
                                      Take appropriate action.

                                      A.C.T. with Integrity provides business ethics training that can serve as a vital complement to any business practices and legal compliance program. This program has been designed in a modular format that consists of 12 “discussion-trigger” dozen real-world case studies. After each scenario, the facilitator guides employees through an analysis of the issues involved and a discussion of the action or actions that should be taken to resolve each concern and maintain your organization's integrity.

                                      Ethics Video Training Program Includes:

                                    1. DVD: 36 minutes
                                    2. Facilitator Guide
                                    3. Reproducible Participant Materials
                                    4. Reproducible Self-Study Workbook

                                    5. Accessories

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