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                                      Chaos to Control Downloadable Audio Program: Double Your Productivity and Time Spent on What You Love

                                      Chaos to Control Downloadable Audio Program: Double Your Productivity and Time Spent on What You Love
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                                      Product Description

                                      Do you frequently get to the end of the day asking yourself, "Where did the day go?", and then get down on yourself for what is not done? Are you putting off tasks that could grow your profit or accelerate your promotion? Are you frustrated by interruptions or the ways you let yourself waste time? Do you wish you had more time for your family and friends?

                                      This downloadable audio program of Five MP3 files and worksheets will help you free up 5 precious hours a week. You will be more productive, less stressed and have more time to do what you want! Chaos to Control teaches what most time management programs never do: the "real" secret that all successful people know about focus and productivity: how to deal with yourself (and other people) in order to get all your work done and have more time in your life.


                                    1. Feel in control of managing your time

                                    2. Cut out the emotional aggravations that soak up your day

                                    3. Manage a lot of projects and laser-focus on what is most important to accomplish

                                    4. Get twice as much done and go home an hour earlier with a clear mind

                                    5. Never again worry what people think of you, have confidence to move your life forward but still be 'a good person'

                                    6. Get your employees and difficult clients to stop derailing you and interfering with your progress (comes with a step-by-step script for what to say so they act how YOU want them to act)

                                    7. Stop procrastinating once and for all (by discovering the 'real' reasons you procrastinate - and learning 25 techniques guaranteed to get you to take action!)

                                    8. Finish the tasks you have been putting off, and develop the habit of taking action

                                    9. Product Details

                                      5 MP3 files and 5 worksheets.

                                      Length: Each MP3 file is 90-120 minutes

                                    10. Audio 1: How To Stop Taking Things Personally and Let Go Of What Others Think

                                    11. Audio 2: The REAL Reasons You Waste Time - And How To Put An End To Them Forever

                                    12. Audio 3: Step-By-Step Guide For Ending Procrastination and Building Better Action-Taking Habits

                                    13. Audio 4: Getting Clarity - How to know and prioritize exactly what you want

                                    14. Audio #5: Dealing with Difficult People

                                    15. PLUS Bonus Audio #6: How to Navigate Politics so you can Keep your Job and Accelerate your Promotion

                                    16. Let acclaimed psychologist Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. share her research from Harvard Medical School that will get you "out of your own way" and able to achieve success, however you define it! Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. is a psychologist informed by 10 years of research at Harvard Medical School. Her techniques help talented and successful people "get out of their own way?.

                                      She has helped emerging leaders get promoted faster at Deutsche Bank, Oracle Corp, Deloitte Consulting, Pitney Bowes, Visiting Nurses Service NY, FreddieMac; and has helped numerous entrepreneurs have the confidence to grow their business more than 50% in difficult economic times. She has appeared as an expert for Success Television, Huffington Post, Air America, American Management Association,, Natural Health, and Ebony Magazine








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