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                                      Effective Business Communication Skills Video Preview

                                      This is a video library or series of short business communication skills videos. You can use these videos of great leaders to freshen up or create a new training.

                                      In this preview, you will be watching the videos as one stream. The actual DVD or online streaming is "chapterized" meaning you can choose to show an individual video to back up a specific point you're teaching.

                                      Please be patient as the video loads. This is a full-length preview.

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                                      Library of Eight Effective Business Communication Skills Videos and Learning Concepts:

                                    1. Expand Your Influence (Stephen Covey)
                                    2. Listening for Change (Andy Grove)
                                    3. Communicating Consistency & Change (Steve Case)
                                    4. Communication/Relationship Skills (Stuart Gelles)
                                    5. Brains and Communication (Mathew Fox)
                                    6. Communication in Times of Stress (Women Polar Explorers)
                                    7. Communicating to Win (Dennis Conner)
                                    8. Ask for Feedback,Think, Listen,Thanks (Marshall Goldsmith)


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