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                                      How to Connect in Health Care Customer Service Video Training

                                      How to Connect in Health Care Customer Service Video Training
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                                      "If people LIKE you, they'll see the BEST in you. If they DON'T they'll tend to see the WORST." -Nicholas Boothman healthcare customer service video How to Connect in Healthcare in 90 Seconds or Less will result in...
                                    1. Increased patient satisfaction
                                    2. Strengthend co-worker relationships
                                    3. Improved customer service
                                    4. Raises in productivity & fun at work

                                    5. In healthcare as well as life, the failure to build trust and rapport can be insurmountable, while the rewards of a good first impression and positive connection are almost immeasurable.

                                      In How to Connect in 90 seconds or less, Nick Boothman uses real world healthcare scenarios to demonstrate the importance of building a trusting relationship with those we serve.

                                      This engaging and motivational video will teach your team how to naturally make a genuine connection with patients, family members, co-workers...everyone they meet.

                                      How to Connect in Healthcare will teach viewers how to:

                                    6. Choose the right ATTITUDE -
                             welcoming, empathetic, curious and resourceful
                                    7. Send the right SIGNALS -
                                      ...with your face, body and voice.
                                    8. Get them TALKING -
                                      ...investing in listening pays off in trust.

                                    9. Healthcare Customer Service Video Training Package Includes:

                                    10. 1 How to Connect in Healthcare video
                                    11. 1 52 Page leader's guide
                                    12. 10 How to Connect in Healthcare Reminder Cards
                                    13. 1 PowerPoint Presentation

                                    14. Accessories


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