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                                      Wisdom of Teams E-Learning Video Course

                                      Wisdom of Teams E-Learning Video Course
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                                      Five Leadership Team Building Learning Concepts and Videos of Six Successful Leaders:

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                                      The Wisdom of Teams E-Learning video course includes video of six engaging successful leaders who help your managers gain insight and skills to build and manage peak performing teams.

                                    1. Commitment to the Team (Dennis Conner)

                                    2. Energizing the Team (Jack Welch)

                                    3. Competition (Bill Bradley)

                                    4. Consistency & Change (Steve Case)

                                    5. Joy of Invention (Ben & Jerry)
                                    6. Need Help?  

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                                      Need to build a high performance team that can innovate and produce during times of change? Are you faced with employees who are dis-engaged? (Nearly 70% are). Oftentimes, it's the manager that can make or break a team. Arm you managers with the interpersonal team leadership skills they need to succeed.

                                      This short interactive course can be taken as a pre-course to a classroom training. It will help enlighten and develop the coaching and management skills of your up and coming leaders. Who better to learn from than real-world successful leaders who have faced many of the same hurdles as your management team.



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