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                                      Leadership Skills of Gregory Goose Leadership Behavior Video Training

                                      Leadership Skills of Gregory Goose Leadership Behavior Video Training
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                                      Five Key Leadership Behavior Training Concepts:

                                    1. Identify the difference between old leadership and new leadership (positional power vs. relational power)

                                    2. Define key terms: co-creating, power-over, power-with, inclusion, vital conversations, leadershift

                                    3. Examine feelings and beliefs about leadership and how to make the shift from power-over to power-with leadership

                                    4. Create inclusive vital conversations and practices in the workplace to strengthen relationships with direct reports, peers and colleagues and to achieve business results

                                    5. Develop an action plan for expanding inclusive and co-creative leadership practices and conversations in the workplace.

                                    6. Leadership Skills of Gregory Goose DVD

                                      First day. New job in a leadership role. Now what? Gregory's transformational journey started on the day he was promoted to lead goose.

                                      First time leaders have identified with Gregory and his story as they moved from managers to leaders. And now you can learn his leadership secret.
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                                      The Leadership Secret of Gregory Goose is a disarming animation leadership behavior training video that provides a fresh way to understand how sharing power releases the leadership instincts in others. This leadership development training program was created by Judith Glaser, author of Creating We and The DNA of Leadership.

                                      Gregory Goose Video Training Includes:

                                    7. Animation Video/DVD: 6:44 minutes

                                    8. PowerPoint(TM)Presentation and Workbook(see previews below). Please be sure to read the Leader Guide and review the PowerPoint presentation to complete your evaluation.

                                    9. Accessories


                                      "The Leadership Secret of Gregory Goose is a good introduction and would be a great companion to a performance management system that helps leaders incorporate coaching and performance management behaviors.

                                      And it could be really fun to hear your co-workers talk about wing flapping, loud honking, pecking, and strutting. That in itself makes it worth it!" Libby Wagner, Training Media Review


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