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                                      Sharon Melnick: Procrastination to Productivity Speech

                                      Sharon Melnick:  Procrastination to Productivity Speech
                                      Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. is an executive coach,speaker and dynamic corporate trainer who combines leadership effectiveness coaching with behavior change methods she developed over 10 years as a psychologist at Harvard Medical School. She is also a leading authority on practical techniques to help executives be resilient in high stress conditions.

                                      Dr. Melnick develops executives and managers to provide the leadership skills that motivates employees to rise above turbulent times and seize the opportunity to rebuild morale and establish a clear direction. Because these leadership functions require an executive's ability to manage their own responses first, she offers a repertoire of practical strategies so executives can:

                                    1. Transform unfocused or distracted thoughts into creative new solutions, focus on the core values, and commitment to the overall growth of the organization.

                                    2. Expand cognitive bandwith to get as much done with fewer people and resources and to move from overwhelm to innovation.

                                    3. Reduce reactivity and insulate oneself from the stress and reactivity of others

                                    4. Identify and reverse common stress habits that limit focus.

                                    5. Please tell us about your corporate training and speaking needs and we'll help craft a tailored made speech for you.

                                      Call us at(212)721-0910 or Email us to book Sharon Melnick.

                                      Sharon Melnick studied at Yale University, U.C. Berkeley, Harvard Medical School and Institute for Management Studies. Dr. Melnick has taught her effective performance skills at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College as well as in dynamic trainings at Fortune 500 companies and business associations.

                                      She has a broad base of experience with clients including Deutsche Bank, Monster Worldwide, Oracle Corp., Merrill Lynch, Pitney Bowes, Deloitte Consulting, UBS, Korn/Ferry International, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Visiting Nurse's Service NY, Carpenter Technology, and many others.


                                      "I've been absolutely stunned by the results. I see immediate changes. Productivity, morale, and team performance are at all-time high levels. Her understanding of the human mind and behavior is remarkable. If you're looking for a 'silver bullet' to help high-potential employees at all levels expand beyond their current success level to performance beyond belief, look no further." Clare Dolan, V.P.,Oracle Corp

                                      "What you do is transformational versus incremental. In order to take their game to the next level, people often hire a coach. Some coaches are like trainers. They will make sure you do your reps and help you make incremental gains. What you do is help people do what Tiger Woods did. He knew he couldn't get his game to the next level by simply getting better at his current swing. So he went through a process to break his swing down and then rebuild it. His new swing fit him better and he played with greater ease and better scores. Your process is the same for being a leader; it makes you more authentic, more powerful, and more influential." Mark Bonchek, CEO Truman Company

                                      "Wow! Your work is profoundly powerful yet readily accessible - the simplicity is just outstanding. You have translated psychology into concrete steps and actionable practices to achieve rapid transformational change with executive clients. I could hardly think of a client for whom these concepts wouldn't be extremely valuable." Steve Lishansky, CEO,Executive Coaching Insitute Chair, National Speakers Association Business Coaching Expert Group



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