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                                      Stuart Gelles: Effective Communication Skills and Professional Development Speaker

                                      Stuart Gelles: Effective Communication Skills and Professional Development Speaker
                                      Stuart Gelles is a professional development speaker and coach who helps organizations manage change through one of the most effective channels: communication and creativity. His "Business of Change" Model provides new paradigms for leadership development and communication skills. He inspires people to achieve creative perspective in order to reinvent, manage change and produce results by energizing teams through effective communication and new relationship skills.

                                      Stuart has spent over 20 years teaching leadership development skills. He has coached teams on managing change, effective leadership, teamwork, innovation and achieving balance in order to lead a more fulfilling and successful life.

                                      Clients include:

                                    1. Yahoo
                                    2. UBS
                                    3. Conde Nast Publicaions
                                    4. The American Theatre Wing
                                    5. CNN
                                    6. UN Global Citizen Development Program

                                    7. Stuart coached the CNN Financial News management team as well as CNN executives throughout the launch of that TV and online network, a highly stressful endeavor.

                                      Please tell us about your communication leadership skills speaking needs and we'll help craft a tailored made speech for you.

                                      Call us at(212)721-0910 or Email us to book Stuart Gelles.


                                      "I headed up the editorial team of CNNfn. We worked with a diverse group of managers who were promoted into leadership roles with no management training. Because they were in high pressure jobs, they communicated with each other very abruptly and protected their own turf. He helped us to understand and respect each other's diverse points of views and work together as a team. We did this in a very short period of time. It was an amazing experience." Debra Kocher, VP, CNN

                                      "Stuart trained our staff at a tough time of layoffs and low morale. He energized the team and had them re-ignite their passion for their jobs and working with each other. In particular, he had them understand how we filter communication based on what we value and how that might not be how the other guy sees it. This was crucial for opening up communication and having our teams effectively work with each other." Craig Forman, former CEO MyPrimeTime.


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