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                                      Streaming License for Corporate Training DVDs and Videos

                                      Item# stream199577855
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                                      Product Description

                                      The video from our leadership training DVDs can be compressed into a streaming format that may be delivered across a network making it accessible for your employees to train when their schedules allow or if they're in different locations.

                                      Buying a standard DVD program allows you to utilize the content for training with a DVD Player in a classroom or self-study basis, but does not give you permission to copy the DVD to a network or broadcast it without written permission. Written permission can be provided via a streaming licensing contract that is typically based on the number of employees who will be viewing the video content.

                                      Soft skills video streaming is a very cost-effective and efficient option for most organizations. Call us today to get more information about the cost to stream your favorite corporate training video program online.

                                      Please email Contact Us to find out more about pricing or for general questions about our streaming videos or call (212)721-0910.


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