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                                      Success Is An Attitude! Motivational Meeting Opener Video DVD

                                      Success Is An Attitude! Motivational Meeting Opener Video DVD
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                                      Success is an Attitude! Meeting Opener learning concepts:

                                    1. Choose strong character (Stephen Covey)
                                    2. Being in Service (Deepak Chopra)
                                    3. Passion Giving Back (Anita Roddick)
                                    4. Supporting the Team (Bill Bradley)
                                    5. Developing/Empowering People (Jack Welch)
                                    6. Have fun. Take Risks (Marshall Goldsmith)

                                    7. Positive Business Attitude Motivational Video DVD

                                      In this attitude motivational DVD corporate training video, you will see six successful leaders on motivational business attitudes. This corporate training DVD is a great attitude motivational video meeting opener or ice-breaker on business attitudes. With this motivational meeting opener DVD, inspire your team and motivate them to win by finding the positive in what they do. Success really is all about positive business attitude!

                                      Success is an Attitude! motivational training DVD provides the perfect meeting opener video. It is a attitude motivational DVD that is an ice-breaker that supports the speaker or trainer and the points s/he is teaching. Video of successful leaders: Jack Welch, Stephen Covey, Marshall Goldsmith, Anita Roddick, Deepak Chopra and Bill Bradley who share their wisdom on successful business attitudes.

                                      Program Information:

                                      * Meeting Opener Video/DVD: 4:21 minutes

                                      * Includes: Attitude motivational video DVD and CD with PowerPoint(TM)Presentation, Leader's guide, and transcript (see previews of training materials below)
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                                      " I presented my keynote presentation "Running Down a Dream - Leading your Perfect Life" to an audience of 200 senior managers of an international organization. At the end of the presentation I showed "Success is an Attitude!"

                                      It was fantastic to have my key messages backed up by famous people on video: Jack Welch, Anita Roddick, Deepak Chopra and Stephen Covey. Talk about finishing with some real star power! The audience thought it was a great way to end the keynote as they told me in the feedback. It left them inspired to start making some real change in their organizations." Shawn Shepheard





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