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                                      Time Management and Stress Management Short Videos

                                      Time Management and Stress Management Short Videos
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                                      Stress and Time Management Videos:

                                      (Click on any link to see a video preview and pricing. Videos can be bought as a bundle or individually.)

                                    1. Yoga at Work

                                    2. Endurance and Self-Management (Polar Explorers)

                                    3. Time Equals Energy and Attention

                                    4. Taking the Time to Communicate(Attitude! Attitude! Attitude!)

                                    5. Team Building Without Time Wasting (Marshall Goldsmith)

                                    6. Time Effective Stress Relief Exercises

                                    7. Lower Stress to Become More Effective (Dr. Andrew Weil)

                                    8. These videos are full of time management and stress management tips for busy workers,managers, supervisors who juggle deadlines, projects and multiple demands and have no time to waste.

                                      Learn how to communicate effectively, stop procrastination, organize yourself, your team, manage your priorities and learn project management skills to increase productivity while lowering stress.



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