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                                      In This Together Harassment Training Video DVD

                                      In This Together Harassment Training Video DVD
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                                      Product Description

                                      The In This Together training video package presents an engaging look at harassment and respect in the workplace. Seven front line employees from a variety of businesses speak directly to their peers as they lay out the issues of respect and harassment head on.

                                      No heavy corporate message, but rather insightful looks at real situations that will lead employees to make better choices. From dealing with gossip to being in a bad mood, the In This Together video package utilizes an entertaining, non-threatening opinion survey to create a safe environment where viewers can re-evaluate their beliefs and their actions.

                                      In This Together's Key Learning Points...

                                      • Benefits of common courtesies
                                      • Rules when attracted to someone at work
                                      • Perception vs. intent and who wins & loses
                                      • Legal definition of a hostile work environment
                                      • The risks of offensive language & jokes
                                      • The human cost of gossip
                                      • What to do when in a bad mood

                                      Also included with the In This Together training video are 10 Employee Handbooks containing practical answers to over 50 difficult business situations. "The In This Together video takes a positive approach to a kinder workplace...something lacking in many other harassment video training programs."
                                      Larry Mendoza, Training Director, Lawrence Anthony Salons
                                      Languages: Chinese, English, French Canadian, Portuguese (subtitle), Spanish

                                      Purchase Package Includes:

                                      harassment training videos
                                      • 1 In This Together video
                                      • 10 In This Together Employee Handbooks
                                      • 10 In This Together Pocket Cards
                                      • 1 Leader's Guide with reproducible forms (English)
                                      • 1 Opinion Survey Tablet (50 sheets)

                                      Reviews "In This Together gets viewers to think - really think - about respect and what it means. While harassment is defined, it is the thought-provoking discussion following the interactive question and answer format of this training program that offers the real training value. In This Together is a powerful training tool that gets learners talking a work environment that is free of harassment and full of respect.

                                      • By addressing issues of common courtesy and respect, this program offers a holistic approach to preventing harassment.
                                      • For companies without structured anti-harassment policies, this program provides policies that make it easy to educate employees while offering a consistent message.
                                      • The Leader's Guide encourages employees to read handbooks at home and in so doing a valuable training tool is lost."
                                      Professional Trainer

                                      "An honest and down to earth video that will hit home to everybody in a company from the newest employee to the most senior Team Leader. This is a video any company could immediately incorporate into a new employee indoctrination, or use as a "refresher" for current employees that requires very little facilitator oversight. The "survey" could be taken and used to give a business a report card on how their Team is doing (without names) and would allow focused training on areas which needed improvement. The concepts and ideas presented in this video are made very simple, clear, and easy to understand. It made me reflect on how I do and go about "my business" at work every day. Edward Evans - Jackson Rancheria Casino & Hotel

                                      "The In This Together video is very accessible with diverse group of actors. Harassment is introduced without a scare tactic or a lot of legal speak. The program is engaging, especially with the quiz which invites interaction. Since the company I work for has professional, warehouse, and call center employees, I appreciate that all different work environments were represented, everything from retail to fast food to office to warehouse to hospital to office. My only complaint is the lack of actors representing older/handicapped demographic. Beth Park - Alpha Shirt Company


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